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This blog is the official source for the updates from the React team. Anything important, including release notes or deprecation notices, will be posted here first. You can also follow the @reactjs account on Twitter, but you won’t miss anything essential if you only read this blog.

React Canaries: Incremental Feature Rollout Outside Meta

May 3, 2023

Traditionally, new React features used to only be available at Meta first, and land in the open source releases later. We’d like to offer the React community an option to adopt individual new features as soon as their design is close to final—similar to how Meta uses React internally. We are introducing a new officially supported Canary release channel. It lets curated setups like frameworks decouple adoption of individual React features from the React release schedule.

React Labs: What We've Been Working On – March 2023

March 22, 2023

In React Labs posts, we write about projects in active research and development. Since our last update, we’ve made significant progress on React Server Components, Asset Loading, Optimizing Compiler, Offscreen Rendering, and Transition Tracing, and we’d like to share what we learned.


March 16, 2023

Today we are thrilled to launch, the new home for React and its documentation. In this post, we would like to give you a tour of the new site.

React Labs: What We've Been Working On – June 2022

June 15, 2022

React 18 was years in the making, and with it brought valuable lessons for the React team. Its release was the result of many years of research and exploring many paths. Some of those paths were successful; many more were dead-ends that led to new insights. One lesson we’ve learned is that it’s frustrating for the community to wait for new features without having insight into these paths that we’re exploring…

React v18.0

March 29, 2022

React 18 is now available on npm! In our last post, we shared step-by-step instructions for upgrading your app to React 18. In this post, we’ll give an overview of what’s new in React 18, and what it means for the future…

How to Upgrade to React 18

March 8, 2022

As we shared in the release post, React 18 introduces features powered by our new concurrent renderer, with a gradual adoption strategy for existing applications. In this post, we will guide you through the steps for upgrading to React 18…

React Conf 2021 Recap

December 17, 2021

Last week we hosted our 6th React Conf. In previous years, we’ve used the React Conf stage to deliver industry changing announcements such as React Native and React Hooks. This year, we shared our multi-platform vision for React, starting with the release of React 18 and gradual adoption of concurrent features…

El plan para React 18

8 de junio de 2021

El equipo de React está emocionado por compartir algunas novedades:

  • Empezamos a trabajar en el lanzamiento de React 18, nuestra próxima versión mayor.
  • Creamos un grupo de trabajo para preparar a la comunidad ante una adopción gradual de las nuevas características en React 18.
  • Publicamos React 18 Alpha para que los autores de bibliotecas puedan probarlo y darnos sus impresiones…

Presentación de los Componentes de React en el Servidor

21 de diciembre de 2020

2020 ha sido un año bastante largo. Antes de que termine queremos compartirte una actualización especial de fin de año sobre nuestra investigación acerca de los Componentes de React en el Servidor (React Server Components o RSC) con cero JavaScript del lado del cliente. Para introducir los Componentes de React en el Servidor, hemos preparado una charla y una demo. Si lo deseas, puedes revisarlas durante las vacaciones decembrinas, o después cuando el trabajo se reanude en el año nuevo…

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